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Warm Heart Guesthouse Mexico

Charmingly located in Coyoacan; the historical neighborhood of artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, our guesthouse seeks to be a safe place for travellers and a connections spot between them and the local young people. If you found out about us, it is because we have friends in common. We hope you will become one of our good friends as well. 
We´d love to host you during your time in the city!

It is a warm, informal, intimate home.  
Please consider hanging out with some 
nice mexican locals during your time here. 

Our home is in an AWESOME location. 
(in a tourist area, 
super close to the metro 
and with a million coffee shops, 
museums, restaurants, etc close by) 
We are sure you will LOVE it. 

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities 
while you are here, feel free to contact us. 
We are very connected and can help set you up.  
We know it will make your stay even more meaningful! 

If you are staying somewhere else,
please consider joining us for Friday night dinner (שבת.) 
Fun times, just let us know!


Warm Heart Guesthouse
Matamoros 29
Col. Del Carmen Coyoacán
Del. Coyoacán
C.P. 04100
Mail: halevhacham@gmail.com
Web: http://www.warmheartmexico.com/