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Hello Volunteers,

We are pleased to hear of your desire to serve with us here at YWAM Thailand, as we would consider it an honor to have you join us.
There are over 80+ different ministries within YWAM Thailand in 20 locations throughout the Kingdom.  Most of these ministries would be grateful for someone to come help.  Our website(www.ywamthai.org/ministries) contains a good overview of each of these ministries. We would ask you to examine this site, and prayerfully consider where God might be leading you.Once you have narrowed down a few ministries you might want to serve with, please email them to see if they will be available to have volunteers come the dates you would like to be here and to find out how you can be serving during that time (the email is at the bottom of their webpage.)
In order to better help you through the application process, there are a couple of points which you should be aware of. Volunteers with YWAM Thailand fall under one of two categories. They are as follows:
Short-Term volunteers are those who wish to serve with us for up to one year, and the only pre-requisite is the submission of a short-term application (http://www.ywamthai.org/office/apps.htm). Once you complete your Short-Term application form, please email it directly to the leader of the YWAM Thailand ministry that you desire to work with.
Long-Term volunteers are those wishing to serve with us for a period of one year or greater. The pre-requisites for Long-Term staff include the submission of a Long-Term application (http://www.ywamthai.org/office/apps.htm), the successful completion of a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) (http://www.ywamthai.org/dts.html), and participation in a YWAM Thailand Culture & Language Program. The Culture & Language (C&L) program typically lasts from 6-18 months after you arrive and includes formal language training, cultural orientation, and accountability to the C&L leader at your particular location. Some people are not sure what ministry they want to serve with upon arriving and use the C&L phase to explore options and get to know ministries better.  Once you complete your Long-Term application form, please email it directly to the YWAM Thailand National Office administrator at - office@ywamthai.org


Please let us know if there is anything further that we can do to bless and serve you.
Have a great day and God bless you! 
“Helping Thai’s reach their destiny in Christ”
Visit us at - http://www.ywamthai.org