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Turn travel photography into cash.

If you're traveling, bring some souvenir pieces, sand, stones and shells and a few other good photo home. However, many of the photographs that have accumulated over the years are too good a deal to make on your hard disk. Did you know - yes, your photos can make money and maybe that one or another food, or a new lens, or completely finance a next tour.

Well, in this article, I'd like to give you some tips on how to sell your photos and what you should keep in mind.

After your journey home, it is important that you look at the images on your hard disk and look through an image editing program. The good photos mark you and the bad negligible - that saves a lot of time.

If you've taken the files in RAW format, which I'm assuming, since they give you more options in post production to get the most out of them, then download one of the free RAW converters featured here. Leading developers are those of RAW Therapy, Darktable and Lightzon.
Paid programs include Lightroom Creative Cloud and Phase One Capture One 10

These programs are there for you to be able to develop your images digitally - just like in a darkroom earlier. Sharp this, correct the exposure, contrast and saturation. If necessary, change the image to achieve a better visual language. Do not waste time on blurry images or those with artifacts. The admission criteria for the agencies are relatively strict. In this sense, when you submit your first recordings - be sure that they are your best. Because the jury, at least at Shutterstock, makes the opening of your account dependent on your image quality.

If the image has now taken shape - that is, fully developed, save it in the largest possible JPEG format and deposit it again on your hard drive.

Good to know is that when people are seen in your pictures, you need an appropriate model release. Without it, the images in your portfolio will be rejected.

Now it's up to you to decide on which platform you want to sell your pictures. If you are not a photographer or a professional, then I would suggest to you as a Contributor account on Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. After a short wait, since program algorithms are also working here, initial sales are starting and increasing the motivation for further uploading images. The creation of the accounts and the sale is free for you!

Depending on the picture agency and license, the corresponding revenues of your sold pictures vary. In addition, you do not have to offer your photos exclusively at Adobe and Shutterstock, so that the photos can also be set on both accounts - which certainly increases the sales opportunities. One thing should be clear, you certainly need far more than 100 images to generate the corresponding revenue.

Now that you have your portfolio working for you over time, you will be credited the appropriate balance from your image sales, which you can transfer to your bank account from a certain amount.
Why am I writing this article? I know there are tons of good pictures out there on hard drives and you can do useful things with them. On the one hand, you may relieve a bit of your own port monies or you can make the revenue a good cause.

If you do not have the time to stop recording - but would like to make us available for the weareaway project - please contact us via email at weareaway@hotmail.com

Otherwise, I hope that the article lets you think of us when the first holiday meal was financed from your pictures. :-)

PS: This is our bestseller with the most sales on Shutterstock so far...