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Travel Photography


Everyone can take a picture. Also an automat. But not everyone can watch. Photography is only art insofar as it uses the art of observation. Observing is an elementary poetic process. Reality also needs to be shaped in order to make it speak. - Friedrich Dürrenmatt

The world provides us with beautiful motifs for photography and constantly surrounds us with new influences, situations, people and places. Now if you have the ability to photographically see, you should make the picture in terms of the lighting conditions, the structures and the point of view to the object. In this way, story-telling images can be generated and their viewers are spiritually taken into the land of the journey.

On the way, the photographer offers a multitude of different possibilities of photographic craftsmanship. Portrait photos often require restraint, charm, empathy and respect for people and their traditions. It is best not to look like a classic tourist, but to dress in order not to build barriers between yourself and the person being photographed.

Have courage to unusual perspectives and prospects on the motive. Be sensitive to details in a foreign culture, they tell bigger stories like monuments. The true character of a civilization or a country is on a small scale.

Enter out-of-the-way paths of photography and search for life clippings / representations that are not usually photographed as often.

In order to realize corresponding photos that tell of your trip, it is advisable to know the following pieces of equipment.


Living photography creates something new, it never destroys. It proclaims the dignity of man. Living photography is already positive in its beginnings, it sings a song of praise to life. -Berenice Abbot   

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