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The World of Backpacking - Compulsive and self-determined!

More and more of us get up to explore the world on their own. For some it is the first time and others have already put many pinned pins on their personally visited world map. But what is behind this backpacking? What makes her so special? What secrets behind the life of the backpack? To get an impression of what a backpacker does, I will take you into his travel world. Backpacking means traveling on unknown paths, with a packed backpack and a limited budget, which should be sufficient for a longer travel period and, if possible, for many travel experiences. To get along with his money bag, the Globetrotter is attracted mostly to cheap hostels, hotels or homestays. In the latter one learns the culture of the visited region profoundly and gives an insight into the prevailing life of the so-called "Locals". With the newly won friends of the Homestay, it is not unusual that one first experiences the true secrets of a country. Often you will get the best tips on the most beautiful places of interest here, can really taste traditional food or experience the best stories about the country and the people.

Most backpackers do not follow a direct itinerary or any prescribed route. For the high estate that is part of this journey is the self-determined and independent move. You can drift in space and time and linger in a place as long as you want to be able to feel and experience it. According to the motto: "Why move on, if s here is just beautiful". If backpackers leave a place, they usually use the public transport as well as the population. Often they do not really know where their next stop is and get out where the sky is the most beautiful :-). Others have targeted fixed stations, which they visit on their tour. Backpacking is a short-term travel and lifestyle feeling that provides freedom and independence, or lets you explore the world in isolation. Travelers want to experience the authenticity of a country and run away from familiar paths. In case of difficulties with communication with the local population, hands and feet are often used for communication, often happening miraculously. Many backpackers are on their own, while they always keep track of new trips with new travelers. To date, more men than women are on backpacker tours. The most popular rice dumplers for backpackers Thailand, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Canada and USA.