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The ultimate packing list for backpackers

You want to travel as a backpacker to foreign countries and you need a ideal packing list? With pleasure I give you a few tips, which is worthwhile to have in the backpack. Basically, you know what you need on your trip and what is not necessary. Unimportant things which you use rarely leave them at home and save weight in the backpack. If you have forgotten something, you can buy it on every marketin the world. In the ideal case, your backpack should weigh around 10 - 12 kg. If you have more then this, the tour becomes a torture. So "less is more !!!!"

And now here is my ideal packlist for backpackers 

Your backpack is the storage room for a little while, for all the things you need, when you are traveling. Do not spare at the wrong end, a backpack should fit and be solidly produced. Even for many years I have always used the same backpack, which has accompanied me in many ways. This bag holds and holds and holds. You're curious what model I'm talking about? Clear from Deuter - the best backpack brand I know. This ones are super-processed in all details. It is an advantage in addition to the big backpack to have a small daypack on the tour. In these you can store your hand luggage or use it for small city and day trips.

The thing about money & other documents.

With a clear conscience, I can recommend DKB Bank's credit card for all globetrotters. The associated Giro account is free & free of charge. With the DKB affiliate program you can even save money because you have a certain amount of money back for all bookings made at www.booking.com. Always carry a little amount of cash with you, best in small notes, so that you can put out in any situation. For security reasons, take also a few traveler checks, so you are prepared for all eventualities. Other documents you should have on you ist the train and flight tickets, the addresses of the accommodation, the travel insurance, the international driving license, the international vaccination certificate, student and youth hostel ID card, the dive logbook and passport and your disposal papers. I would copy the passport and keep it in a plastic cover. The copies should be stored elsewhere in the luggage bag than the original. Also provides you with a list of all important emergency numbers (doctors, credit cards, insurance) and useful information about your person (contacts, blood group, allergies, diseases, medicines). If you want to be safe, upload your documents as a scan into the dropbox, a cloud or Evernote. In the Case of a loss, you only need a computer to copy the supporting papers.


Clothes for your trip to warm countries:  

2 x Sshort pants
1 x Long trousers
1 x Possibly another zip-off pants
1 x Sarong (f)
5 x T-Shirts
5 x Underwear
1 x Long sleeve / light linen shirt (for tropical areas)
1 x Nice shirt to go out :-)
1 x Hat or cap
1 x Swimming trunks or bikini (f)
5 x Socks (even a few thicker not forgotten)
1 x Rain jacket - Paclite
1 x Fleece jacket
1 x Hooded Pullovers
1 x Thermorewash (also usable as a sleeping suit)
1 x Travel and hiking boots
1 x Sandals / flip flops


Important travel accessories:  

Wallet - "Space Wallet" - adapts to the size of the contents - Top
A small and a big travel towel
Beach towel
Compression bags
Sleeping bag inlay
Small padlock for your pocket / backpack
Travel pillows
Money belt
Travel linens
Snorkel Set
Travel Bible
Pocket knife

For your security on the trip, you should look at the following products:

So that your things at the hotel or on the road are simply safer, there is the Travelsafe. This one makes it difficult for the thieves to come to your things. Class!
The small money and important documents (passport, ID card) I would always carry in a small bag on my body.
Big money notes are best stored in a money belt.
For all who often go for a swim alone and do not have a watch at the beach aside, the waterproof bag is recommended for you.
If you would like to take the mobile phone into the water, this can do with a waterproof cover


Cosmetics and everything you should have around the travel hygiene:

Removable culture bag
Electric travel toothbrush / toothpaste
Shower gel and shampoo - small containers - you can always buy
Mosquito repellent
Shaving set
Plastic bag for dirt washing
Everything about the contact lenses
Coconut wax
Travel detergent

Technology and other electronic helpers: 

Mobile hard drive
USB stick (also useful for storing your own documents)
DSLR camera Or here are my favorite for the travel photography
Memory Cards
Outdoor smartphone
External batteries for mobile phone / tablet
Mp3 Player 
Travel adapter / adapter


In the small travel pharmacy the following should be packed:


stomach pain
a headache
Vomiting / nausea
to cough
Eye Irrigation / Eye Care / Bone
Ear drops - important for divers
For sea medicine
Malaria drugs, as prophylaxis or standby
Broad-spectrum antibiotic
And their medications you take home anyway

First aid kit  

Association set
Wound treatment
Disinfection spray
Splitter tweezers
Ointments against insect bites
Ointments in sprains, bruises,
Ointments with muscle tension,
Any water disinfectant for drinking water treatment
Small injection cannula / syringe
Impregnated mosquito net