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Sintra - Park & ​​Palace of Pena / Castle of the Moors

By train the journey from Lisbon does not take an hour as Sintra is only 25 km from the metropolis. (The cost of the round trip is 4.30 euros.) Well, in the midst of a splendid landscape, there are beautiful and centuries-old palaces and castles above the village. Since 1995, Sintra has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These were good reasons to visit the area and to report on what we found there. After we arrived at the station, we immediately noticed the winds coming west, blowing a cool pinch from the Atlantic. From here you should decide to explore Sintra on foot or from station to station by bus. In 2015, a bus ticket cost 5 euros per person. The ticket allows you to reach the following destinations: Sintra train station, Museo de Historia, Palacio da Regaleira, Castillo de los Mouros and Palacio da Pena. Otherwise, if you are fit and a whole day is available, you can leave the route of the sights also an intense hikers' experience.

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As we reached Sintra at the later time, we took the bus and made the first stop at the Castle of the Moors - Castello Mouros. This splendid piece of Moorish fortress comes from the 8th century, from which you can admire a wonderful view over the entire Sintra mountains to the Atlantic. Countless stairs lead through the entire Burganlage or to the different towers and other viewpoints.

After warming up, we visited the Palacio da Pena. The palace was built in 1840 on the ruins of a monastery and is considered to be the Neuschwanstein of Portugal. The colorful palaces or the entire complex enchants with an oriental flair and extravagant architectural style. The castle is situated on the top of the Serra de Sintra, where many exhibitions can be admired within its walls. At the foot of the fairy tale castle lies a beautifully designed English castle garden, which invites you to take a leisurely walk.  

Oh, who wants to avoid the expensive coffees of the restaurants and still need a caffeine kick, in the souvenir shop in front of the archways there is a coffee machine - with good bean - for one euro. It certainly did not belong to the sumptuous lifestyle of the royal family, but it does spare our purse. After a long walk through the Parkanlange, the route takes us to the old town of Sintra, where we end the evening. The road winds around a mountain, which leads directly to the historical center and gives a view of the Palacio Nacional. In the heart of the town are many small shops, souvenir shops and restaurants, which also offer typical Colares wine. And now have fun in the fairy tale forest.


Our tips:

  • If you are sure that you want to visit the Castello Mouros and the Palacio da Pena, a combination ticket should be issued at the ticket entrance, where you can get a small discount.
  • Tourist information is located in Praca da Republica You can find useful information about Sintra here.
  • You will find a fine historical ambience for the night in the Chalet Relogio