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Religions in the Philippines

The Philippines is the only Asian country in which most of the inhabitants belong to a Christian faith community. Recent, unconfirmed surveys show that only slightly more than 70% of the Christian population is attributed to the Roman Catholic Church and over 10% to the Protestant Church. A minority of 5% belongs to other, different orientations of Christianity. This includes the independent Catholic Church - Iglesia Independiente - founded in 1902 by the priest G. Aglipay. A further 10% are divided into strictly religious sects and religious communities, among which the Iglesia ni Cristo, the Mormons, are the most famous. The last 5% of Filipino residents are Muslims. Sadly, there are also some followers of extremist, Islamic movements, who fear and frighten the Philippines in exceptional cases. The first Christian formation or missionary activity by the Catholic Church came with the colonies of the Spaniards and the establishment of the bishopric of Manila. A subsequent takeover of power in the Philippines took place between the Americans between 1898 and 1902. This caused a reorganization of the ecclesiastical situation by Pope Leo XIII. However, it was only after the Second Vatican Council that a step in the direction of the faith came gradually.

Over time, the population began to reorientate partially. This had the result that the liberal elements of the Philippine culture were mixed with the Christian traditions. This integration of Catholic changes in Christianity is nowadays known as - People's Catholicism. Nowadays, religion is a powerful force even in areas of political and social life. Did you like my guest article? Then I would very much look forward to your visit on my blog.

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