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By Daniel Dela Dunoo

Prayer basically refers to communication with a deity. In the Christian context, prayer essentially refers to communication with God. It is the Christian view of prayer that will be the focus of this post. Prayer may take several forms including thanksgiving, supplications and intercession. It is my conviction that prayer works; this is to say, prayer achieves results.
The Bible gives several accounts of the miraculous as a direct result of prayer. This phenomenon is not limited to the accounts recorded in Scripture but literally millions of accounts of answers to prayer have been well articulated in scores of books. Individuals in this day and age still receive answers to prayer. I can personally attest to the potency of prayer in my own life.

In this article, brief consideration will be given to the potency of prayer in the life of George Muller (1805-1898). 
The inspiring story is told of George Muller, a German Christian who resided in Bristol, England and was particularly noted for his love for prayer and the word (the Bible).
He had the firm conviction that the living God was still able to make provision for human need and on that basis, he established an orphanage which cared for 2,000 children needing daily food, housing, clothes and much more.
It was George Muller`s basic principle not to ask any one for financial support. Interestingly however, he depended on God through prayer for the establishment and running of the orphanage that housed 2,000 children until his death at the ripe old age of 93.
Indeed, who says prayer does not work? If it worked in the life and ministry of George Muller, why not in your life (and ministry)?
Dr. Miles Munroe points out in his message, "The Purpose of Prayer", the vital truth that when man stops praying, God stops working, a view that was strongly held by the founder of Methodism, John Wesley. It seems to me God has in his sovereignty chosen to intervene in the affairs of men through the agency of prayer; persistent and faith-filled prayer.
Dr. Billy Graham, the enigmatic American Evangelist also makes a vital point concerning prayer in his book titled "Peace with God", when he states that every individual whose life has counted for the cause of Christ has been a person of prayer and that we cannot afford to be too busy to pray. No wonder the Bible emphatically states, "The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect" (James 5:16b). 
Please check out the following texts on prayer. They will prove insightful and instructive. Psalm 66:18, John 14:13-14, Philippians 4:6, Luke 18:1-8, Mathew 7:7, Isaiah 65:24 and John 15:7.

Written by: Daniel Dela Dunoo
Email: dudelda3@yahoo.com