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Pilgrimages - The journey to yourself

I have dealt with my best thoughts and do not know any grief that one can not go away. "(Søren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher, theologian and writer, 1813 - 1855)

For hundreds of years, people have been walking on the paths of the pilgrims and have given a wide range of motivations for their path in their hearts. Some people hike the goal without a certain sense - purely out of a sporting nature. Others, on the other hand, contain specific questions of life, where there is the deep desire for (divine) answers. Through the pilgrimage one consciously takes one out of the hustle and bustle of the time, in order to be able to listen to oneself through the slowness and calmness of every step. Pilgrimage is a temporary break out of solid living structures - into a daredevil or a personal exceptional state. Not least, the nature, independence, self-determination and freedom of the pilgrim often free the access to spirituality. We seize God in nature and in quiet conversation with our soul. In the journey, we try to let go of the luxury and of what moves us inwardly. As we walk, we experience the transformation of the self, and more than ever we see what man really needs - a good relationship to himself and his faith. For in the core of the pilgrimage lies the longing for God & Jesus.

Links to the most famous pilgrimages in the world:

Way of St. James Via Francigena Jerusalem Way

A suggestion for your pilgrimage equipment


Climb the mountains and feel the good energy. Peace in nature will flow into you like the sunshine that nourishes the trees. The wind will refresh you, the storm will fill you with power, and all your troubles will fall away from you, like autumn leaves. (John Muir, Scottish-American universal scholar, 1838 - 1914)