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Our Oceans

The pollution of the oceans has become a global problem. In all oceans there are now huge amounts of garbage. The majority comes from the mainland and is swept over rivers into the sea. Meeressäuger get tangled up in ropes or confuse the garbage with food. In addition, the rubbish dumps beaches and endangers human health, because the garbage is also eaten by fish that land on our plates. The whole extent of this problem is difficult to assess, because we find garbage not only on our beaches, but also on the seabed. There are regular reports of research submarines that have been discovered in marine depths where no one has ever been before. For whales and dolphins, the pollution of the oceans is a major challenge. In addition, there are power sonars of the military, seismic investigations to develop oil and gas deposits on the seabed, industry and increasing shipping, which creates an incredible noise in the sea. Whales and dolphins live in an acoustic world: hearing is the most important sense organ for them. The ability to hear is a key to their survival and serve food search and orientation in the sea. This is why urgently effective and safe marine protection areas must be created in the world where whales and dolphins remain undisturbed.

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