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Mountain Top

I’ve learned that God’s plans have no barriers, no limits. God initiatives surpass anything people could do. I’d like to say that I’m attracted to the mountain, the place we cannot obtain without God. We believe that when we come completely emptied, no plans, no ideas, God does greater things. God does miracles.
I love mountain equipment brands. Patagonia, Mountain Co-op, REI. It represents something you represent when worn. You are an adventurer, and like most mountaineers, you carry the perception that all limits are fair game. You pursue great heights and you run towards unattainable limits.
A dear friend of mine recently went to South America hiking the Inca trail. She was struck with large bouts of elevation sickness throughout the time there. Yet she kept on climbing, she exclaimed it was the best ever, even though she was really sick!
Let’s seek opportunities where we can see the character of God. The person of God. The mountains, the countries. Essentially these are things that I’ve had no control over. Things that I couldn’t have created. Ideals that I couldn’t have come up with. Mountains are awe- inspiring because they reflect creation, the smallness of humanity and the grandeur of God.
We are a living stone, embedded in a mountain scape.

These mountains are only a fraction of God’s greatness. Only a fraction of what heaven is, only a fraction of God’s power. Yet he sees me, this living stone embedded in this huge mountain Nothing to him gets unnoticed.

I believe we were made to scale mountains.
Sometimes when I watch those documentaries or climbing movies I get a little tense, will they make it out alive!? Even more so though, is the human body made to scale those limits?
As I question our physical limits and abilities, I believe our spirits were made to soar. I spirits were made to climb, to soar to heights that we could never have imagined. With the mind of Christ and a heart postured for the kingdom I believe doors will open in our lives, and barriers will be broken for the furtherance of the name of Christ.
I suppose the key to the mission of God is hearts that are emptied for God’s cause.
What is God’s heart? That every person on planet earth would know who he really is. When you know who God is, you can’t help but feel love and give love to others.


We seek mountain top experiences in our life, I love to climb, travel, I love the thrill of enjoying new places. All good desires given my God. This enlarged life, begins with a complete emptiness of what you want to happen in your life. Yeah, we’ve all got plans, but the biggest plans you could ever foresee are when you arrange your thoughts around the kingdom of God. When God uses you as a vessel to make his name known in your current place. “Our bodies are residences for the Spirit of God to make a move. “ We are lifeless bodies without Spirit.
Pray for the Spirits movement. Posture yourself, ask God to help you re-wired your mind. It isn’t without a battle that we want our own ways of living. Yet, we must ask ourselves, what do we want our lives to be about? In the end, do we want it to be about me, or about others, about a cause that is greater.
Emptying every area of life, your finances, career goals, your marriage goals. Giving that all up lightens the load. It makes it easier for the door to open for even bigger things.


It’s easier to scale a mountain with a lighter load. I was recently listening to an audio book by Josua Becker. He wrote a book call the More with less. His main ideals rest minimalism. Getting rid of anything in your house that doesn’t bring you joy. Getting rid of any material possession that is preventing you from living the life you truly want. What is taking up all your money, all your time? You realize, once a huge opportunity comes up, you can’t accomplish it because you’ve spent your last dollar on the 12th set of towels. So much of what we have is unnecessary. Joshua’s ideas resonate with mine, in a sense. The less you have, the more you are freed up to the bigger things! Like plan a dream trip, give generously, save for your education. Bigger and perhaps more meaningful things.
In order to scale a mountain in your life, you must pack light. You don’t see mountaineers scaling the mountain with their bed frame, extra linens, a heater and a portion of their wardrobe. No. The best climbers are efficient packers. Bringing only what they need for the journey ahead.
I want to be light in the spirit, so I’m ready to climb a mountain. I want to do big things in life but I know that requires some pruning. Some things have to be left behind if I want to do greater things.
For Your name, heart and soul
My life is Yours a living stone
For Your glory, heart and soul
Surrendered all to build our home
  • Hillsong United
Run the race .
What we need is more people letting go of things that are minimal enabling them to step into bigger things, heavenward focus, kingdom minded, bigger things for a bigger live, for a bigger cause, the cause of love on earth. God’s love. The love that surrounds us, is within us. Awaken that love.
  1. Empty yourself. Think of things you don’t need. Get rid of things that you don’t need in your schedule, in your mind. Live only within your means so you can be freed up.
  2.  Posture  Set your mind to heaven. Do the work of seeking God. You now have more space and hopefully time to devote your time to him. Let God rework your priorities in life and be changed for bigger things.
  3. Pray and Praise. You can’t do it alone. Ask God for help! And don’t be too serious about it. You’ve got a big journey ahead of you! Praise because you get to travel upwards with God, and the only thing that it boasts is good views

Copyright and Thanks to Brittany Hayward.