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Jerusalem Private Half-Day-Tour               Starting from 350,- $ (1-3 Pers.)

Experience Jerusalem's Old City ancient history with spiritual sanctity on your own private half-day tour, concentrating on its best-known sites. 

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Jerusalem Private Tour                                Starting from 545,-$ (1-3 Pers.)

This is a fascinating tour of Old and New Jerusalem with insights into the legendary city that spans the history of Israel.

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Tel Aviv Private Day Tour                            Starting from 520,- $ (1-3 Pers.)

Discover the history and beauty behind one of Israel's largest cities. Explore the main sites and roads of Tel Aviv and Jaffa with a private guide and driver. 

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Jerusalem & Bethlehem Day Tour               Starting from 595,- $ (1-3Pers)

This is an amazing tour of Jerusalem and Bethlehem that allows you to see the major holy sites in Israel on a tour you'll always remember. 

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Masada & Dead Sea Private Day Tour       Starting from 610,- $ (1-3 Pers.)

This tour will take you on an adventure you'll never forget. Explore the unique site of Masada, the famous Dead Sea, and the relaxing Ein Gedi Spa.

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Dead Sea & Ein Gedi Spa  Tour                  Starting from 568,- $ (1-3 Pers.)

Experience the unique sensation of floating in the Dead Sea's saline waters, see the beautiful Judean Desert, and enjoy the Ein Gedi spa. 

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Nazareth,Capernaum & Jordan River Tour Starting from 790 $ (1-3Pers.)

Experience the Holy Land sites on this tour of Nazareth, Capernaum and Jordan River. Visit various churches and sites along the Sea of Galilee. 

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Caesarea, Akko & Haifa Day Tour              Starting from 689,- $ (1-3 Pers.)

Caesarea, Akko & Haifa Day Tour
Departs on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays
Explore the Mediterranean coast of Israel with a day tour of Caesarea, Acre (Akko), Rosh Hanikra and Haifa.
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