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What do I have to look out for when renting?

First of all - best you book the car from Germany. So you can handle any language barriers with the "lender" and read the contract in your native language. In addition, the contract is now subject to German law. If it comes to trouble / problems or disputes with the lender, is negotiated in German courts. This will certainly result in lower costs for you, if that should be so, as would be the case abroad. Pay attention to a good hedge at the conclusion of the contract. These include: full insurance without deductibles, theft without deductibles, glass and tire insurance.

Furthermore, look at the car on acceptance and acceptance of good and log any defects. If damage is detected with the camera, reclaim it immediately and make sure you have the tank control. Take full - return full? Also keep in mind what fees will apply if the car is dropped off at another location? Also, you can not drive unlimited unrestricted many miles. Make sure you have a flat rate or how many miles are free. Other important questions are, who is allowed to drive the vehicle? What are the costs of crossing borders and cancellation fees? And what about the one-way charge for tours?

Payment: In most cases, you can not rent a car without a credit card. If you do not have a credit card, we recommend for all travelers - the card of DKB-Cash Worldwide free cash withdraw. The credit card and associated account is free & free. In addition, you will get cash back if you book through the DKB affiliate program on booking.com. The card is just awesome for backpackers and travelers! Navigation device: It is more relaxed to be on the road with Navi abroad. Many providers want to rent you one extra for your trip. Tip: Take yours from home with you, do not forget adapters for the power and download the actual map data in advance.

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