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Evangelical Center - Guesthouse "Haris" in Greece

If you would like to enjoy the Greek sun and seek a quiet location, is right here. Because here, in the south of the country, is the Christian guesthouse "Haris" in Sounio with a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea. "Haris" belongs to the Association of Free Evangelical Churches of Greece and offers all possibilities for conferences, retreats and other events of Christian youth, families and adults. It is a guest house for Christians who like to vacation here or to gather with groups and z.b. are on a round trip. Sounio is about 70 km from Athens and 45 km from the airport.

In the summer, the annual children's camps are held here by the Free Evangelical Churches in Greece. Nearby is "Lavrion" a harbor from which one can come to the southern islands.

The Temple of Poseidon is very close to the guest house, it is highly recommended to experience the sunset there! Athens with the Acropolis is about 1-2 hours away, depending on whether you decide for the highway or the road by the sea. The Aeropag is free unlike the Acropolis. As in Acts 17-16-34, here you can stand on the Aeropagus like Paul and see the city of millions. Greece is a beautiful country. Equally friendly are the local Christians that you get to know. What is a "must see" in Athens would be the Acropolis with a tour guide in German.

At the top of the Acropolis is a very nice view of the huge city, with the many houses lined up close to each other. Those who are even more interested in the history and background of the Acropolis should also visit the Museum of the Acropolis. In addition, we recommend a typical Greek Suvlaki, the cheap for example. in front of the museum. In the town of Lavrion, which is close to the guesthouse is every Thursday market, where you can buy good and cheap fruits, vegetables, shoes and much more.


A small pictorial impression of the Evangelical Center: