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Christian travel tools

Whoever tells of God's journey often stumbles the language. Being on the road also means receiving the unique opportunity to get in contact with others and to talk about your faith. Tell the people of Jesus, give hope and change the world. If that's hard, that's the YesHEis app. It gives thought impulses and facilitates communication with strangers about the gospel.

Another way you often want to leave behind a Christian thought impulse in a hotel, in the host family or with friends. If you would like to receive small Christian booklets in the local language of the place to be visited, you are welcome to visit the biblica website and order them there.

If you also want to save weight for your suitcase, then download for your morning devotion and the Bible as an app.

If you are more of the analog type, then we recommend you this Christian travel guide, those blessed thoughts for every day and a good journal to record your travel experiences.

And now a blessed journey you with many great encounters.