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Bicycle holiday / bike trip

Experiencing the beauty of nature intensively, timelessly, directly and moving on two wheels through one's own physical strength is the secret and the joy of cycling. The slower progress on the bike, you get in contact with the country and people quickly. During physical activity, your soul relaxes and the body is kept healthy. On a cycle trip you get away from everyday life and can let his thoughts wander, while at the same time blowing the wind in your face.

And the best thing is, a bike holiday can be realized quickly and conveniently on your own doorstep. Germany, Austria and Switzerland have wonderful and well-developed route networks through beautiful natural landscapes to offer. But even adventurous and exciting long-distance bike tours in foreign countries and other continents have their own special charm.

However, whether near or far, a bike ride should always be well planned. You should know the weather forecasts, plan your route and provide orientation. If you are traveling by train, inquire whether a bike ride on the selected trains is allowed. A good contact for this is the service advice of Deutsche Bahn.

When taking the bikes on the plane, it is important to know the transport conditions of the respective airline. Often you will have to pay to carry the bike at an additional cost.

On most flights, further packing regulations apply to take the bike with you. So, if you do not want to buy an expensive flight bag, go to a bike shop and get a bike box. Most shops will provide you with these for free and thus a trouble-free driving of the bikes is possible.

On the return flight you do the same. Most of them also have so-called "film wrapping machines" at each airport, which additionally protect your bike or bicycle carton.

If you do not want to use a carton to carry bicycles then we can recommend these bike bags for flying. But before everything is packed and stowed, you should check whether the bike is in a good & traffic-safe condition.

Well, either you are gifted and check the wheel for defects yourself or you bring it to the review in a shop. Despite everything, a small arsenal of repair tools should be in your pocket for a 1-3 week bike ride.

On well-frequented bike paths, there are usually many bicycle workshops or hotels that provide you tools. But if you are off the beaten track, you should adjust your packing list accordingly.

The luggage for your cycling depends on what you want to do on the bike ride? Those who plan day trips from the hotel will certainly come up with a "daypack backpack". However, those pedaling longer distances and staying in hotels do not need as much baggage as those who camp. Note that the mattress, the sleeping bag and a tent takes up a lot of space and weight. Because of the security, things have to be well tied up and well placed on the bike.

It goes without saying that you attach the luggage in terms of severity evenly and deeply hanging on the bike. After loading you should do another brake check and pump a higher pressure into the tires. The tires should have a good profile, since in rain, snow, debris and mud slipping the wheel can be prevented.

The rhythm of cycling relaxes the body, soul and spirit. But the challenge of sitting in the saddle for several days to follow his chosen route usually requires a certain physical condition and well-fed meat. Thus, it makes sense in advance to train a bit, so you do not torture yourself with pain through the holiday.