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Beach Vacation / Beach - Travel  

To sunbathe under the palm sharks in the most beautiful sunshine and let your gaze glide over the waves of the ocean to the horizon - that is the dream of many summer vacationers. Because when relaxing beach holiday, it can be switched off from everyday life best. Finally it is time to relax and have the day for yourself.

Especially for families with children offers a beach holiday, as the "little rascals" let off steam and play under the open sky in the sand and in the water. Meanwhile, the "big ones" can sit back and relax in their sun loungers while reading exciting books. For a change and the heat escaping, in between the beach bars are visited to get a refreshing ice cream or a cold coke.

Water sports such as scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling, jet skiing and banana boating make for fun. In the sand of the beach, sports such as beach soccer and volleyball are especially fun. In the evening you marvel at the most beautiful sunsets together and the beach invites you to long, romantic walks. Later on candlelight and wine will be served on "seafood delicacies", where the day will end under the sound of the sea

Useful beach tips

Beach is not the same beach ...... there are shallow and deep water entrances or sand and stone beaches or dunes or palm fringed "Beaches" and much more. To make you or your family feel good, it should be clear what kind of beaches you prefer. If you are traveling with children, learn about the strength of the waves and the currents near the shore. Not that the "small Sandburgbauer" may only look at the water from the outside. That would be a pity!