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This blog has been a leap of faith!

Be Known for Trying

Failing in private is disappointing but failing in public sure does feel like defeat.

Have you ever thought twice about taking a leap of faith because you were afraid to fail publicly? Maybe you worry about what people might say about you if you fail?

No? Yeah, neither have I.

Obviously, I'm just kidding. Of course I've been reluctant to try something new because I was afraid of public failure. Starting this blog has been a public leap of faith. Moving to Israel for graduate school was a gigantic public leap of faith.
This blog has been a leap of faith!
In the age we live in today, so much of our world depends on looking perfect in public. We post perfect travel pics of ourselves on Instagram. We're tagged in pictures of us surrounded by friends on Facebook.

We safeguard ourselves to avoid the appearance of failure in public.

I don't mind that we don't share our failures on social media. Vulnerable feelings are sacred and meant to share at our discretion with those closest to us not on the internet for all to see!
BUT, because we have many platforms to share our successes, others have bigger windows into our failures than they did before. Those windows into our shortcomings can deter our leaps of faith if we're afraid of failing publicly.


Moving to Israel for graduate school was a leap of faith.

Moving to Israel for graduate school was a leap of faith.
I've had to decide that I don't want to go through life avoiding leaps of faith in front of others all the while wondering what would have happened if I took a chance.
Most Christians are familiar with the story of Jesus calling Peter out to walk on the water.
Growing up I always I heard about how Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and failed in front of Jesus and all the other disciples.
Now I see Peter's failure to walk on the water meant he was trying to please Jesus.

Isn't occasional failure just a symptom of trying?

In Matthew 14:22-34, Jesus' disciples were in a boat on a lake while Jesus was praying on the shore late one night. When the waters became troubled, Jesus walked on the water towards the ship and his disciples became fearful. “‘Take courage, I am here!’ Jesus called out to them.” (Matthew 14:27)

"Then Peter called out to him, ‘Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water." (Matthew 14:28)

Notice that Jesus called out to all of his disciples but only Peter called back to him and so only Peter walked on the water with Jesus.
We all know Peter began to sink in the water when he took his eyes off Jesus and his ability, but the rest of the disciples stayed in the boat. They didn't even reply to Jesus!
Jesus' disciples, who watched him perform miracles on a regular basis became afraid when they saw him miraculously carry out something new and unexpected to them-walking on water!

Risks are always easier to watch than take.

It was easy for the disciples to stay in the boat and watch Peter try and then sink. The fact that Peter was the only disciple willing to try to walk on water is noteworthy, given what we know the other disciples witnessed Jesus doing in the past.
The other disciples had seen Jesus do all sorts of miracles, just like Peter, and yet Peter was the only one who trusted Jesus could cause him to do the impossible.

First visit to the Sea of Galilee.

If the other disciples had the boldness to call out to Jesus, who knows if only Peter would have gone out on the water. When it came down to it, only one of the disciples walked on water with Jesus even if he began to sink later.
Even if he wasn't one hundred percent successful in this task - Peter tried! His moment of failure was the symptom of an attempt.

Let's not forget also that although Peter eventually sank, he did walk on the water! How can we discount that wonder??

Peter did begin to sink when he took his eyes off of Jesus but he was open to doing something he had never done before and he did! Peter’s attempt is more than the other disciples who stayed on the ship can boast.
How many people hear God calling out to them to try something new, to walk on water, but don't even reply to his call much less step out of the boat?

Failing is a symptom of trying.

Sometimes it's the fear of going somewhere new. Sometimes it's the fear of proving your critics right. Do we really want to live our lives like that though? Afraid of what people will say or think about us if we fail?

Do you want to spend the rest of your life wondering "what if"?

You could be like Peter, known for walking on the water with Jesus, or you could be like the nameless disciples who stayed in the boat altogether.
Sometimes fear of failure keeps us from trying to pursue the things God puts on our hearts. In the end, trying sets us apart from those who do not try at all, even if we do not succeed at first.
God's plan for us requires stepping out of our comfort zone and into the unknown to live our best lives. There will always be people who don't respond at all when he calls out to them though.
It didn't make any sense for Peter to step out of that boat and into the water, but once he knew it was Jesus calling out to him, he went for it!

Peter called back to Jesus and tried!

Peter wasn't as successful as he could have been but he didn't spend the rest of his life wondering what would have happened if he had only called back to Jesus, like the rest of the disciples may have wondered.
If God is calling you to step out of the boat, make a leap of faith and follow him away from the blueprint you drew for your life, respond to him!

Be known for your attempt, not your fear to try.

Destiny Grace Albritton