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22.03.2018 Welcome to Vietnam

This is Liliana, 24 , currently living in the North of lovely Vietnam. (Well, I was wondering for a while if I should call it lovely above all, or rather crazy/amazing/caothic/beautiful etc. But then I decided that basically I just love it, so let me call it lovely after all. ;)

I came here (Ninh Binh province, Vietnam) to do what probably most young westerners do in South-Eastern countries, having decided to quit their comfortable and well-known (over-known if I may say) and non-challenging lives at home – teaching. (After living in the same living conditions and circumstances for so many years, probably there comes a point when we feel that we can handle most situations, conflicts, relationships too easily, and we need big changes to get challenge and adrenaline again.) I’ll go into details of teaching in another post, later.

I have always been the kind of  always-have-to-do-something, always-on-my-way, always-searching-for-challenge person. Luckily, I am not really bound to places or objects. If I’m physically fine, and my relationship with God is OK and I can focus on him devotedly (which also leads to that I am fine emotionally and mentally as well), I can easily feel myself home wherever. On the other hand, before my travel here to Vietnam, I actually was bound to some people too much I think, but the perfect time to leave my home finally arrived in the end of January, 2018.

Well, the phenomenon that so many foreigners come here to teach (and obviously enjoy and benefit from the extremely cheap prices) is actually really beneficial for th Vietnamese as well. Noone really speaks English over 30 – which leads to some very funny stories like having decent dinner with great families of 15 people while noone speaks English at all.

By the way, Vietnamese people extremely adore me (and all westerners) wherever I go, and it happens sometimes that I go to a small shop and the owner invites me for a tea or a dinner. (Of course they mislead me sometimes with prices, but it is much less a common story so far.)

Below, you can find a video of a pretty decent dinner with a Vietnamese family in the mountins of Northern Vietnam. There is also a video of a normal dinner here in the school where I teach. There is also a video of a typical small shop where the shop means living room as  well.

Pictures were taken in a place 30 minutes from my school, Trang An, Ninh Binh.