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(Picture:Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên-Wikimedia Commons)

The Mysterious Mountain in An Giang, Vietnam 

With stunning views and romance of Nui Cam, under has Thanh Longâs stream flow peaceful, immense Nui Camâs plateau, mysterious Dong Thuy Liemâs cavern, Vo bach tuong (big rock with a white elephant) and ancient Van Linhâs pagoda. Sam Mountain Sam Mountain is located in Vinh Te, Chau Doc town, An Giang province. The name comes from the view of mountains, it looks like a black âSamâ( portulaca king-crab) sticks on the immense green field. In addition, there is the ancient legend that the island on the sea, has many âSamâ on the island so called "Hoc Lanh Son" - the âSamâ Mountain. The area of Sam Mountain ââis about 280 hectares, with 241 m of height. The road that leads up the mountain slope covered by the pleasant color of green trees. Visitors can walk or hire taxi up the mountain. From the top of mountain, visitor will see the town of Chau Doc as a beautiful picture with nice homes along the pure and poetic canal. Besides the beauty of the mountains, you will be impressed by with many buildings such as Tay An Pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau tomb, Hang pagoda... and many attractive sites such as Bach Van hill, Tao Ngo garden ... Especially is Ba Chua Xu temple with beautiful and sanctuary architecture.

Every year, âVia Ba Chua Xuâ - Sam Mountain festival â" place on in April lunar attracts domestic and foreign tourists to visit. The cajuput forest of Tra Su The cajuput forest of Tra Su is typical of the Mekong Delta in Van Giao commune, Tinh Bien town, An Giang province. Time to visit the most beautiful place in between September and October. At this time, water levels in forest about 3 â" 4 m obscure trails and covered with a green carpet of wolffia. There are two ways to explore the cajuput forest by motor biking along the dyke or floating on âVo laiâ (small canoe). Each plan has its own beauty but by the âVo laiâ is the most exciting one, you will see the flowers of Sesbania sesban dyeing the water or hear the guides introduce about interesting things this place. Co To Mountains There are many legends associated with the name of the mountain. The story is that when heaven and earth were dark, old man of fairy from the Forbidden Mountain, Shoes Mountain carries each stone stacked together, until the sunrise built Co To mountain. Another legend, the mountain is shaped like a bowl turned upside down, so called Nui To (âToâ mountain). The road to the beautiful mountains with hidden corners, the simple leaves house, fragrant breeze with the flavor of rice. On the mountain is a famous monument is San Tien (fairy yard). According to legend, it is the Buddha's footprint. Next is the Nam Can temple, old and hidden by the huge rocks and big old tree. Co To Mountain is the most beautiful in the moonlit night. At this time, the moonlight likes silver inlaid on each blade of grass, the streams of O Thum, O Thoa and O Soai So lake as a wild and majestic picture. This summer, let you start your adventure on the mountains of An Giang, and more Laos Tours, Cambodia Tours and Vietnam tours... Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com CHRISTIAN WRITER