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All about Work and Travel

You want to take a longer time out abroad, but you do not have enough financial resources? Do not worry - because then the work and traveler 's trip may be just right for you.

As a traveling worker, you can explore a country in peace and finance your activities on the ground. You live for a certain time (usually 1 year) in your desired country, get to know new friends or colleagues and get a deeper insight into the country-typical life. Work and Travel is ideally suited to deepening the language and understanding the new culture.

The basis for this type of travel or for the execution of an occasional job is the working holiday visa. This visa is subject to different criteria from country to country, such as the age restriction, the proof of a valid passport, existing financial resources, etc. Traditionally it attracts most travelers with their country selection to England, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and to the USA. In principle, however, it is possible to travel and work in any country in the world. It should be understood, however, that salary is very low in the regions of Asia and South America as unskilled force - with possible language problems. Conversely, it can be said that it is easier with good language skills in job search. The salary increases according to the vocabulary and his own vocabulary skills :-). 

The most widespread jobs are waiters, barkeeping, kitchens in the catering / harvesting / seeding / caretaker / inventor jobs / jobs in the field of hotel business / sales and promotion / driving and the construction work. The living situation of most Work and Traveler depends on the duration of the stay. If you are only passing or a short time to a certain "spot", then the "Fernwehler" sleep in hostels, tents and caravans. However, if you are inclined to stay longer on the spot, you will in most cases take an apartment or a pension.