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Welcome to weareaway - The Worldwide Christian Travel Community !!!

“We are away” is a new travel community for all Christians in the world. Here you will find Christian companions, backpackers, travel buddies and new friends for trips. You can plan immediately together with other travel partners to go on a vacation, mission trip, event, excursion or a weekend away. Share your experience of travelling and all other Christian themes. 
In our community you can find different profiles from Christians all over the world. Write to them and check out their next trip. Furthermore you can find volunteer projects and a lot of other missionary activities. We also have some
 tours where you can spend your next holidays. And all this is free for you !!!

   In this sense - God bless you &  s55"The journey always with God."

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Travel Buddies

Travel partner request:
Gender: egal
Age: from 16 to 99
Travel time:
from: 01.12.2018
to: 01.12.2018
Trip Duration: 1-2 days
Karlokolumno (m. 36) has a Partners Travel to Deutschland

Carpooling from Frankfurt to Fulda

Hello - on Friday 01.12.2018 i will drive from Frankfurt to Fulda. If you have the same route i can pick you up at 8:00 a.m.

In the evening i want to drive back also from fulda to frankfurt. See you

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Travel partner request:
Gender: egal
Age: from 16 to 99
Travel time:
from: 23.12.2016
to: 30.12.2018
Trip Duration: 1-2 days
Trip7 (m. 37) has a Partners Travel to Deutschland

Photoworkshop around Frankfurt

Hi Folks, i search for Photographers who wants to hanging up near Frankfurt.  Would like to learn more about photography .... You too? Then please contact me! 


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Travel partner request:
Gender: egal
Age: from 16 to 99
Travel time:
from: 10.11.2018
to: 31.07.2019
Trip Duration: 1-2 days
miri (w. 23) has a Weekend Trip to Australien

Weekend travel buddie to explore Australia

Hello :)

I'm a 23 year old girl from Switzerland and work as a trainee on a farm. At the weekend or whenever I get a day off, I pack my bag and explor Australia.  It will be great to discover some of Australia's incredible destinations, see the natural beauty and its amazing unique wildlife, get in touch with local people and much more. It would b great to share the experience with other people!

I'm easy going and love to share cultures, I'm open to any trips. Contacte me for more informaiton. 

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Your travel advice on weareaway

You like it to write travel reviews or about Sightseeing ? Share your travel experiences with  our members. Sending the full text and pictures to weareaway@hotmail.com



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The ultimate packing list for backpackers

You want to travel as a backpacker to foreign countries and you need a ideal packing list? With pleasure I give you a few tips, which is worthwhile to have in the backpack.                                                                                                                                               


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Our Oceans

Thoughts and a wake-up call on the topic "Environmental Protection and Oceans".





Tour of the Month

Bethany Hong Kong offers a place of rest, encouragement and restoration for Christian cross-cultural workers, and their families serving in Asia and beyond. We are committed to the idea of Member Care! Bethany is located on a beautiful island called Cheung Chau, just a short ferry ride from vibrant Hong Kong. We aim to offer a relaxed, homely environment for those needing a break.

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